National Blue Trail

(Last revision and update: 24th April 2020)


Ashley G. Dean's video about the Blue Trail

Ashley walked the Natonal Blue Trail from Írott-kő to Sátoraljaújhely in the frame of his big hike along the E4 European Long Distance hike in the Spring of 2018. He made this half an hour long video during his hike.

Ashley G. Dean's thoughts about the Blue Trail

Ashley tried to summarize his experiences about the National Blue Trail in this 17 minutes long video. He speaks about the maps and shopping in the village, about the quality of trail marking and the accommadations, about the difficulty of the hiking among the mild hills and low mountains and the climate of Hungary... about almost everything.

Christine Thürmer's blog

The experiences of the globe-trotter hiker, Christine Thürmer, who walked on the National Blue Trail in the late autumn of 2016. It is recommended to read her description, before you starts on the trail!

John P's blog

Similar to Christine, John is a globe-trotter, he walked on the eastern half of the National Blue Trail and a part of the Blue Trail of the Plain in 2017. You can read here his story about every day of his hike.

John Hayes' blog

John Hayes walked on the western section of the National Blue Trail in 2011. It was the last section of his huge hike on the E4 long distance path. He begin the hike in Tarifa (Spain) and finished in Budapest!

Wrong Way Gang's blog

This small American team hiked on the National Blue Trail in 2016. They collect their experences in a long blog entry, they give a short description about the route, people, forests and about every interesting thing along the trail.

Fernwanderweg E4 durch Ungarn

A German hiker, Wolfgang Meluhn and his small team hiked from Heidelberg until Budapest on the old long distance path named “Internationaler Bergwanderweg der Freundschaft”. The last section of this hike was the eastern part of the Blue Trail.


Időkép website

This website gives a quick overview about the Hungarian weather. The link leads to the page of “cloud picture”, another pictures show the temperatures, wind, and it has a forecast page, as well.

National Meteorogical Service

It is the English website of the National Meteorological Service. You can find here weather forecast, radar picture about the rain intensity in Hungary and many other things.

Austrian Meteorogical Service

This link leads to the website of the Austrian Meteorological Service, which has a unique graphic forecast about the expected rain in Middle Europe! The linked forecast shows the rainfall of the next three days.

Windguru - Forecast in a chart

Another foreign meteorogical forecast site, but this one shows the expected weather in a chart. You can find here everything: temperature, wind, cloud cover, rainfall of the next few days. Now it shows the weather of Budapest.

The website of Hungarian Hydrological Forecasting Service

This website has a very good map about the fallen rain in Hungary in the past 14 days. It is very useful picture, because the condition of the paths and dirt roads depend on the rain. This map give essential information before the hike.


The website of Hungarian Hikers’ Association

This website gives information about the activity of the association, you can read about the hiking movements and programs. Unfortunately the flags on the top of the page are only decoration, it has only Hungarian version!

The official website of National Blue Trail

General information about the Blue Trail, about its history, short descriptions of the sections, downloadable GPS track of the trail. Unfortunately it has only Hungarian version...

Forum of stamping places

This is the “Bible” of the hikers, who walk along the National Blue Trail! Every stamping place has an own page here, where hikers can update the descriptions about the place and the condition of the stamp.