National Blue Trail

(Last revision and update: 12th January 2020)

You find the Route-Altitude-Profiles of the whole National Blue Trail on this page. The 1160 kilometers long route of the Trail is divided onto 13 section. The Blue Trail crosses thirteen bigger regions in Hungary, every diagram show one of them. The direction of the walking is western-eastern, so the regions are in this order, as well. If you put the 20 kilometres long basic pictures in a row, you would see the whole route of the National Blue Trail in its fullness!

These diagrams were made on basis of my GPS survey between 2010 and 2012, and were updated in February 2019 because of the changes of the route. It can deviate a little bit from the official lenght and ascent/descent data of the appropriate section. Its reason could be many things: for example measuring inaccuracy or futher changes of the route. In spite of this fact these diagrams could give you a good summary about the route of the Blue Trail. The marked places in the diagram are written with bold characters in the route descriptions .

If you click on the pictures of the Route-Altitude-Profiles, they will open in bigger size on a new page.


The diagram of Alpokalja and Kisalföld Regions

The diagram of Balaton-felvidék Region

The diagram of Bakony Mountains

The diagram of Vértes Mountains

The diagram of Gerecse Hills

The diagram of Pilis and Buda Hills

The diagram of Börzsöny Mountains

The diagram of Cserhát Hills

The diagram of Mátra Mountains

The diagram of Bükk Mountains

The diagram of Borsod and Aggtelek Hills

The diagram of Cserehát Hills

The diagram of Zemplén Mountains

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Alpokalja and Kisalföld Regions

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Balaton-felvidék Region

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Bakony Mountains

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Vértes Mountains

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Gerecse Hills

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Pilis Mountains and Buda Hills

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Börzsöny Mountains

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Cserhát Hills

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Mátra Mountains

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Bükk Mountains

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Borsod and Aggtelek Hills

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Cserehát Hills

The Route-Altitude-Diagram of Zemplén Mountains

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