I've got the books of the Tourist Guides of National Blue Trail at home. I scanned the maps of the 2002 edition and uploaded them onto this website. Of course, the route of the National Blue Trail has changed at a lot of places in the previous more than a dozen years, but I update the maps regularly in every year. The year of the change is signed in brackets beside the new route. You can download the maps, and plan the hike with the help of them. The map details show only the route of the Blue Trail and its 2-5 km wide environs. There are some places, where the new route of the trail „run out” from the map, so some kilometres long sections wouldn't visible! In these maps you will find a small supplementary map detail in black frame. Don't forget: I update only the route of the Blue Trail, and not other! You can meet with other, new marked hiking path in the reality, which are not drawn in the maps. Certain marked trails are liquvidated or wear already another signs, the environs of the Blue Trail may has changed in the past dozen years (new clear-cuts, cut-lines, forest disappeared, new power lines and motorways were built, settlements are bigger, than in the map, etc.).

You can download the maps, if you click onto the icons. The first picture is the legend of the signs of the map, the next four map details are the „Table of Contents”, they show the consecutive map details on a Hungary map. The further map details are divided according to the counties, which are crossed by the National Blue Trail. You will find the explanation of the Hungarian hikers' signs in the General information chapter!

The maps are the property of the Cartographia map company! All right reserved! Don't copy the map details and don't share them! Use it only for private purposes, please!

Of course you can find online maps about the route of the Blue Trail on the Internet. There is a very good website in Hungary, which shows almost the whole net of the marked hikers path. A lot of hikers are the editors of this site, they upload their tracks. The routes of important, well-known trails, for Example the National Blue Trail are exact on this website. Its address is:
You can download the whole net of hiking path from this site and upload it onto the GPS or mobile phone. Its size is about 157 MByte, its adress is: http://data2.openstreetmap.hu/garmin/gmapsupp.img
It is a very usable website!


The western half of the National Blue Trail
The eastern half of the National Blue Trail

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